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Posted on Aug 21, 2011 09:56:23 PM

This list provides a brief description of  many of the characters involved in the comedic and tragic dramas that our played out weekly in Mommas Dramas. Please use this as a reference towards understanding and identifying the characters .

Eldred “Ellie” Heywood – A 40ish wife and mother of 5 and caretaker to many pets. She aspires to manage the stress of her day with humor whenever possible. She remains calm and relaxed through most situations, but it is with much effort. Her husband is really the funny one.

Tom Heywood – A 40ish husband and father of 5 and walker of the dog, although he shows no interest in cleaning litter boxes, snake and bunny cages, or toilets. He tries his best to keep a low profile so that he doesn’t end up in the pages of one of his wife’s stories.

Charlie Heywood – Ellie and Tom’s handsome, 17-year-old son. He loves sports, and is especially good at basketball. His smile is always full of mischief. He puts up with his parents to the best of his ability and lives to tease both his parents and siblings. The work of school is annoying to him because it gets in the way of his social scene, but he’s nice kid.

Tucker Heywood – A kind, 13-year-old son who can be shy at times. He is an inventor and scientist who loves school when he has teachers that inspire his creative thinking and problem solving. He thinks outside of the box and, in fact, must have a hatred of boxes in general since he never puts anything away.

Lanie Heywood – The Heywood’s 11-year-old daughter with the face and classroom behavior of an angel, but her family is rarely fooled by her quiet façade. She has strong opinions that she is too shy to share with a group, but if you get her one on one, you’ll get an earful. She is wise beyond her years, like an old soul. She can busy herself for hours and is a much better babysitter to Henry and Elsie than either of her brothers, in spite of her young age.

Henry Heywood – Ellie and Tom’s 6-year-old son who is most often enthusiastic, happy, and relaxed. He has a little streak of temper, and hates teasing unless he is the one doing it. He has an aptitude for sports like his brother Charlie, although he is the tiniest of all the children. His determination to succeed in anything physical is enormous. He seems to be musically gifted and aspires to be a rock star in a band that also snowboards professionally when they doesn’t have a gig.

Elsie Heywood – The youngest member of the Heywood clan. She is a “wannabe” toddler, but still just a baby as far as Ellie is concerned. Being mellow is not a choice four siblings around. She is quite happy to entertain herself while chewing and drooling on everything. She is a serious observer and appears to know exactly what is going on at all times, and she laughs at us constantly. Ellie and Tom often thinks she is humorously aware of everything.

Pets – Peeve is the lazy, crazy, cookie and cake stealing creature that they were told was a dog at the time they adopted him. He shares his home not only with Ellie, Tom and the children, but also with: 4 fraidy cats, 1 bunny, 1 snake, many fish, and whatever mice, squirrels, and birds that happen to make their homes in the basement, attic, garage, and, the kitchen.

Victoria Lorring (Vicki) – Ellie’s mom, also known as Nana. She is a retired magazine editor in her 60’s. She loves to cook, and spends her free-time submitting recipes to various cooking magazines. She stops by the Heywood household to drop off cupcakes and cookies that she makes when testing out recipes. The kids love it, and so does Peeve.

Henry Lorring (Hank) – Ellie’s Dad, also known as Grampy and the man that young Henry Heywood is named after. He is in his 70’s and now retired from a long career in the financial industry. He enjoys puttering around the house, and putting around the gold course. He enjoys cooking breakfast, reading, and teasing his wife Vicki.

Louise Heywood – She is Tom’s Mom, also known as Gramma Lou. She is a semi-retired veterinary assistant who also works in an animal shelter. She has assisted the Heywoods with finding pets to adopt when she thinks that they need one.



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